They Only Get ONE Childhood.
Create the peaceful, loving environment you want and they need.

The Parent Map Mastery Program

An Online Module-Based Course 

To Help Parents Navigate Through Tough Situations And Set Your Kids Up For Success 

One Day Only
We have condensed hundreds of hours of research & parenting strategies into ONE module-based program. This program will allow you to move at your own pace, because we know life can get in the way sometimes.
Get Results Right Away
We know you know your child best. That's why we have you choose from our techniques, that will best suit your family- but we give you strategies that can be applied the same day of the course, getting your family fast results.
Follow Up & Accountability
Post-course exercises and follow-up group calls at 2 and 4 weeks keep you committed to your family goals with our support and help troubleshooting.
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The Parents
First and foremost, we are parents to an incredible toddler named Penelope and happy baby named Theodore.

Kat is a Naturopathic Doctor, with six years clinical experience in dealing with the whole family- from physical health-related issues to those connected to emotional, spiritual and behavioural development. She has always had a passionate interest in psychology and mindfulness-based therapies.

Adrian has been a proponent of self-education, improvement and goal-based living since before he can remember. It was only after studying with Tony Robbins that he realized that he had a gift for identifying people’s limiting beliefs and related behavioural implications. Adrian has advanced training through the Lefkoe Institute and has since become impassioned in facilitating emotional awareness & intelligence in our most treasured family members: our children.

The Map

This online course is for parents with children ages 0-10

This is the most comprehensive parenting course out there. It combines the research, teachings, literature & application of the top experts in the fields of child neuropsychology, cognitive development and emotional connection to provide parents with the ACTION-based tools they need to raise not only successful but kind, competent & compassionate humans – and believe it or not, to cultivate those qualities in themselves, as parents and as individuals. 

With the tools provided in this online course, parents will leave feeling empowered, and will in turn empower their children to self-soothe, react thoughtfully with controlled emotional responses and overcome all obstacles in life- both real and perceived.
The Route
In the online course, you will receive:
● Online modules consisting of education & instruction with opportunity for questions & feedback
● Course materials & exercises for parents to complete, allowing opportunities for the group to discuss specific challenges of participants, anonymously.
● Ready-to-integrate skills, tools & methods
● Printable handouts & worksheets for parents’ referral, including word-for-word scripts
● Lifetime access to all course resources
● Access to private facebook group, moderated by us daily.
● Two 1-hour follow-up group calls: at 2 weeks & 4 weeks, allowing for parents to integrate new skills, ask questions, get clarification, and give feedback
● Opportunity for individualized family one-on-one coaching with upgrade

How This Course Will Change Your Life

To Identify & Highlight Limiting Beliefs

Created subconsciously in our childhoods. Because beliefs drive behaviour, we illustrate how these beliefs impact our parenting style & habits, We identify how everyday interactions between parent and child can create limiting beliefs in the child unbeknownst to the parent.

Small Call to Action Headline

Understanding Children's Developmental Capabilities

Recognize that a child’s developmental capabilities (both cognitively & emotionally) are at the core of our education because to understand is to empathize- which allows for deep connection between child & parent.

Personalized Action Steps

Provide strategic applications of each technique, skill & methodology. Each parent will customize his or her plan to fit their child’s needs while each strategy accounts for appropriateness and timing.

Fostering Child Development

Decipher a child’s behaviors & reactions leads to identifying skills the child needs support in developing and growing. This course teaches parents how to cut through the behavioral noise and effectively foster that growth.

Providing Nutritional & Lifestyle Habits

We emphasize a holistic approach to the family’s diet & lifestyle habits, ensuring that children are being set up for success on a daily basis, both mentally & physically.
Misbehavior is a sign of a skill that needs work.
The Parent Map

This Course Is For Parents Who:

  • Have a child between the ages of 0-10 years (or who are parents-to-be!)
  • ​Understand that parenting does not come naturally- it takes dedication, time & conscious energy
  • Want to reduce anxiety & stress in the home
  • Want to respond to their children with confidence and calmness
  • ​Know that while education is important, the home environment is what truly lays the foundation for children's futures
  • ​Want their children to have a better, more supportive childhood experience than their own
  • ​Understand that there will be good days and bad days, no matter what!

This Course Is NOT For:

  • Parents looking for a “quick fix”
  • ​Parents with children who have suffered severe trauma
  • ​Pessimists, skeptics or nay-sayers. Save your money- this sh*t takes commitment, determination & a healthy sprinkle of positive mindset!
  • ​Parents wanting things to change without changing anything (which is the definition of insanity, btw)
  • ​Parents who don’t believe that their behaviour, words & energy shape that of their children
  • ​Parents who love to scream, punish and prove how right they are all the time
Because presents will be forgotten.
Toys will be broken.
But their childhood experience will last forever.

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