One-on-One Coaching

We Help Parents Find Their Confidence
Are you struggling to keep your head above water? 
Are you constantly feeling like you're failing at being a parent? 
Do you find yourself getting irritated easily or feeling completely overwhelmed?

As parents, we understand better than anyone. We know that this journey can often feel lonely, isolating and like everyone else seems to have it figured out except for you. We're here to tell you that you're NOT alone and that we are here to be your support.

If you're ready to be the self-assured, patient, emotionally strong leader that you want to be and that your kids need, then you're in the right place.

Your Family Would Benefit from Working DIRECTLY With Us If:

  • You & your family are stressed out & overwhelmed 
  • ​You don't have the time or energy to read different parenting books and then figure out how to do it all
  • You are doubting your ability to be a parent
  • ​The conflict is affecting your mental health and/or your marriage
  • You know that achieving greatness requires putting in effort, having access to support & real change
  • ​You often feel yourself resorting to reactions, behaviours and emotions that don’t serve you OR your family
  • ​You are committed to working with us for 6-12 weeks
  • ​You are excited to make shifts in your parenting that will make life-long impacts on your kids

Basic Family Package

  • One hour initial family evaluation call
  • ​Full Family & Child Behaviour Assessment 
  • ​Ready-to-use plan designed for your family's specific needs
  • ​1 weekly video or phone call (for 4 weeks total)
  • Email support 
  • Online tracking & feedback of behaviours & activities
  • ​​Eliminate one limiting belief from your own childhood
  • ​​Ask us about our special offer for this challenging time


Premium Coaching

  • Basic Family Package Features PLUS
  • Weekly video or phone calls for 10 weeks
  • ​Real-time text support during your most challenging time of day
  • Naturopathic Assessment for the whole family
  • ​Two BONUS 1-hour phone calls to be used whenever needed
  • ​Eliminate a pattern of behaviour that isn't serving you
  • ​Ask us about our special offer for this challenging time

*Ask us about extended health insurance coverage.
**Please note that we do not offer single sessions to new clients, as our work goes beyond the "quick fix".

They Only Get ONE Childhood.

Create the peaceful, loving environment you want and they need.

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