Family Group Coaching

Transforming Parent Communication So Kids Can Thrive and Parents Can Relax

Are you stressed, overwhelmed, and tired?
Are you having trouble parenting your child effectively?
Are you at a loss sometimes, or more often than not?

As parents that have been through it- the stress, the anger, the overwhelm- we know how it feels. We also know what it feels like to come out the other side, experiencing joy, fun, and a calm environment. We not only have helped ourselves, but have coached parents to AMAZING results, transforming their relationships and their lives to something they previously only dreamed of. 

By participating in a group setting, we are providing an affordable solution for parents to learn about their children (and themselves) AND make the necessary changes to see positive shifts in behaviours, emotions & communication, all while creating a powerful community.

Group Coaching Is Right For You, If:

  • ​You're looking for a more affordable option to one-on-one coaching
  • ​You & your family are stressed out & overwhelmed 
  • ​You don't have the time or energy to read different parenting books and then figure out how to do it all
  • You are doubting your ability to be a parent
  • ​The conflict is affecting your mental health and/or your marriage
  • You know that achieving greatness requires putting in effort, having access to support & real change
  • ​You often feel yourself resorting to reactions, behaviours and emotions that don’t serve you OR your family
  • ​You are committed to working with us for 4 weeks
  • ​You are excited to make shifts in your parenting that will make life-long impacts on your kids

Group Coaching Program

Week 1: Conscious Holistic Parenting

Here, we take you through current parenting models and the problems that arise with them. We then build the foundation for a new way of parenting that brings about incredible results. 
    • Week 1: Conscious Holistic Parenting
    • You begin your expedition understanding the current parenting paradigm, how it came to be, why it is this way, and the problems with it.
    • ​Myths associated with parenting that are hindering your growth as a parent.
    • ​We will then guide you to lay the groundwork for a new, conscious, and holistic form of parenting.
    • ​Do a deep dive into your parenting and the results you are getting.
    • ​With live Q & A.

    Week 2: The Different Stages of Child Development

    We help you understand the cognitive development of your child and what they are capable of doing and not doing.
    • Week 2: The Different Stages of Child Development
    • You will learn how a child develops cognitively.
    • ​You will get an understanding of how a child develops emotionally.
    • ​Discover how children's brains work.
    • ​Grasp the limitations of a child.
    • ​With live Q & A.

    Week 3: The Source Of All Behaviour & Emotions

    We will do a deep dive into what drives the behaviour and emotions of children and adults alike and how we can nourish our children's minds, so their behaviour and emotions are empowering.
    • Week 3: The Source Of All Behaviour & Emotions
    • Understand why children behave the way they do.
    • Identify why parents behave the way they do.
    • Why language is critical for your children (it's more than you think).
    • ​Why parents are the most important to a child's development.
    • ​With live Q & A.

    Week 4: Strategies & Application

    We walk you through how to create the habits and implement the strategies so that you are confident and prepared when you encounter something that is unexpected.
    • Week 4: Strategies & Application
    • Learn different techniques based on the needs of your unique child.
    • ​Creating conscious boundaries that encourages growth, rather than restricting it.
    • ​Build new forms of communication with your child.
    • Develop a promising plan and introduce effective habits for success.
    • ​With live Q & A.

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    They Only Get ONE Childhood.

    Create the peaceful, loving environment you want and they need.

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