About The Parents
Kat & Adrian Kremblewski are the powerhouse duo behind The Parent Map- a ground-breaking (and fun!) family coaching program that empowers parents to powerfully lead their children to incredibly happy & successful futures, while mastering the day-to-day challenges that can often make you want to pull out your hair.
Kat & Adrian are parents themselves to an incredible toddler named Penelope and happy baby named Theodore. They created The Parent Map when they realized that they had no sweet clue what they were doing and they knew other parents MUST be feeling the same way.
Kat is a Naturopathic Doctor, with over seven years experience helping the whole family- from physical health-related issues to emotional, spiritual and behavioural development. She wanted to be a child psychologist from the age of 5 and spent the next 30 years secretly performing social experiments on her friends & peers. Wanting her own children to experience a childhood different from her own, Kat’s driving motivation is to help create family home environments filled with connection, open communication, deep respect, unconditional love and FUN!

Adrian has loved everything self-education, improvement, motivational quotes and goal-based living since before he can remember. It was only when he screamed & fist-pumped his way through all of Tony Robbins' programs that he realized that he had a gift for identifying people’s limiting beliefs and related behaviours. Adrian has advanced training through the Lefkoe Institute and is beyond enthusiastic about teaching emotional awareness & intelligence in our children- think Incredible Hulk enthusiasm. As he explored his own childhood experience, Adrian was able to pin point the limiting beliefs he had formed in his younger years had caused unnecessary challenges & obstacles throughout his life and he became determined to prevent those from forming in his own children and all other children.
The Parent Map combines the info from all of those parenting books you've been meaning to read and delivers to parents the need-to-know details paired with the ACTION-based tools they need to raise not only successful but kind, competent & just all-around awesome humans. Through their online coaching, Kat & Adrian have inspired and transformed families all over the globe, including Canada, US & the UK.
With the tools provided in The Parent Map, through one-on-one family coaching or the online mastery program launching March 2020, parents will leave feeling empowered and jazzed about life- and will in turn empower their children to self-soothe, react thoughtfully with controlled emotional responses and overcome all the stuff we encounter in life- both real and imagined. 
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